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Character of the Week #17

2008-01-15 18:02:40 by Orchidaceae

Decided to become somewhat active again.
At least active enough to try and enter the ChoWs from now on.
So here's the first (Cybernetic Organism):

Character of the Week #17

Yarn of Illusia

2007-11-05 17:04:43 by Orchidaceae

I guess my own project is off for the time being: it simply takes too much time for me on my own.
Damn, I already had most of the story and designs completed...
It would be a shame to throw that all away, so I've decided on making it a comic. Not as cool as a movie, but I'll be able to draw better pictures than before.

Also, Samo contacted me for a new project, the Yarn of Illusia. Samo is good at creating stories I like, so I said I was in right away. This time, I won't be animating, but I'll be doing character designs and backgrounds.
That does leave us with less animators than would be nice, so If you can consider yourself a good animator, you might want to go to this thread.

So many cool things to do... my social life is going to suffer.

I just got the crazy idea to go and animate something, so full of working spirit, I set myself a solid deadline. Because deadlines keep one sharp! :-)
The deadline? Januari 1st.
Ofcourse, that's for the trailer. I think I'll have the full movie done somewhere in Q3 2009...yeah, I might have it done before then...

At this point, you're thinking "Wtf? Is he kidding me?"
Nope. It'll make more sense if I say that I'm aiming for Ghibli standards. And that simply takes me a year or two.
Ofcourse, I'm going to use that time to throw trailers at you, building up the hype. Because it's going to be big. Very Big.

The included image is a possible character concept (not too sure it's going to be used though).

I'm going to throw some turdy movie at the portal...eventually.

New lay-out

2007-07-17 17:41:56 by Orchidaceae

I'm checking the new lay-out, and I like it! :)
So, err, I'm just testing stuff out here.

Is anyone else really fgeeling like making flashes because of the lay-out? :P